Book Room 

Spring 2018
Wood, Fabric, Silkscreen, Chine Collé, Laser Cut Paper, Beeswax, Sound, Paper, Slip-casting 

Come in and read the book.
Walk in and if you close your eyes maybe you’re stepping on pine needles, a soft forest floor, you can hear the birds, the water, but the smell of paper and beeswax brings you back. It’s not the forest floor you see, but shreds of paper, you’re in the book. But like a forest floor the ground is made of all that used to be. Read the words. Listen to the sounds. Feel the touch. Let it take you to a place.  

My work explores the concepts of aging. My own personal aging and the aging of the body, the aging of my family, the aging of the earth and climate change. I use personal writing and a lexicon of imagery which I have assigned specific meaning in order to communicate these concepts throughout my work. I’m interested in exploring place through installation and book formats and try to bring the viewer to the psychological landscape I am creating my art from. In this installation I push the book format to experiment with the concept of the book as a place. I have created a small room which functions as a book. I try to capture the same intimacy that the viewer would experience while reading a book within the room in the hopes of encouraging the viewer to become a participant in reading, listening, smelling and existing within the space. I use the viewer’s interaction with the work as a metaphor for the human’s interaction with the earth. We are always leaving a mark. The more these pages are touched the more they will be destroyed. This is symbolic of the slow destruction that humankind is enacting upon the Earth. Beeswax as a material has the ability to hold and show creases from wear and tear. I utilize this material to show the viewer’s interaction in a concrete way.