Not Good Enough

Fall 2017
Not Good Enough: Case Files on a Decaying World Through the Life of a Child Turned Young Woman, From Vermont to Maine.
Silkscreen Monotype, Silkscreen, Xerox Litho, Natural Dye, Clay, Acrylic Paint, Embroidery

Investigate, observe, categorize, measure, communicate.

In this work I investigate climate change through the lens of my own life. I sort through past memories, world events, and my experiences in nature as a scientist would sort through data in hopes of discovering answers. I create specimens out of memories to communicate my experiences with others. I use the symbol of a rotting apple to depict a decaying world. Human interaction is an important aspect of this piece as it symbolizes the interaction that humans have had with the Earth. The human touch will eventually destroy the envelopes and the prints inside as the human touch is destroying the planet. I am also constantly aware that through making art I am adding to the pollution and destruction of the earth. I have a deep curiosity for the natural world and a great feeling of dread for the future of our planet. Do you feel this way too?  

Please look inside of the envelopes and touch the prints, be a scientist.