Plastic Ocean

Fall 2018
Collagraphs created from found plastic, silkscreen and letterpress printed onto beeswaxed fabric with plaster cast objects

Think about all of the plastic that you encounter in your daily life. Almost everything you buy is either made of or wrapped in plastic, it’s everywhere and inescapable. In this work I investigate the realities of climate change, specifically the impact of plastic on our ocean. Through the use of found plastics that I have collected from the beach, I create characters which exist within the emotional landscape of anxiety and helplessness, that often accompanies ideas surrounding climate change. I cover my prints in wax to allude to ideas of preservation surrounding the Earth, and those often associated with plastics. Wax also has a way of holding creases and showing any damage that has been inflicted upon it. By holding these prints your hands are added to the hands depicted, acting as a symbol for the harmful interactions between humans and the Earth.