Rotting On The Trees 

Fall 2017
Relief, Etching, Letterpress, Silkscreen, Embroidery, and Clay

This body of work looks at climate change through a web of childhood memories and scientific facts. I think of my own aging along with the aging of the Earth and my memories of growing up in a yard of apple trees. Within this work I use the symbolism of a rotting apple to depict a rotting world. In these prints I use embroidery to show the impact of climate change. For example, the glaciers getting smaller and the icebergs melting, causing the sea levels to rise. I also use text and sewn together papers to write a narrative of my experience growing up in a changing world. I reference quilting with the sewn together papers which is a traditional storytelling medium along with a large print of my yard drawn in a storybook illustration style. I chose to install my work in this way in order to incorporate human interaction into the prints as human interaction is a very large factor in the warming of our planet.  

Feel free to touch the prints.
If you wish you may take one of the crumpled prints from the floor.