Squash It Up 

Spring 2018
Letterpress, Silkscreen, Etching, Relief, Chine Collé, Thread, and Hand Lettering on Beeswaxed Mulberry, Lightweight Mulberry and Tissue Paper

This work focuses on the concept of aging. The aging of my family, my own personal aging, and the aging of the earth. Stemming from the conflicting emotional places of wonder and anxiety Squash It Up explores themes of human change, and climate change through a non linear narrative format.

The color red is symbolic of many of the themes within Squash It Up. Red apples, red blood. Red can symbolize anger and violence, but it is also a symbol of love and the nearness of life. I utilize these conflicting signifiers within my work to create an emotional place. The running rabbit is symbolic of the emotional places of wonder and anxiety. I use the symbol of a rotting apple to depict a decaying world as well as the decaying body. The imagery of the caterpillar is symbolic of childhood, potential and oncoming change while the beetle is often symbolic of creation, resurrection and immortality. I use these symbols as well as personal writing to bring context to the work. I explore ideas of overlapping compositions through the beeswaxing of my pages so the viewer may experience the singular page as well as the change that occurs in the image and meaning when multiple pages or images are viewed at once. For example, one running rabbit is symbolic of childlike feelings of wonder surrounding the earth, while many are symbolic of anxieties for the future of our planet.The viewer’s engagement with this work adds to the content. The more the prints are touched and moved, the more the wax will capture the creasing of the page, and the more the book will slowly decay. This viewer interaction is symbolic of the human’s interaction with the earth as well as the human’s journey through life.